Me, Myself and I

If I have to summarise myself in a few words I guess you could say I am a creative optimist. I can be down but I’m never out, I bounce back and forth through life. It took me a while to realise that my lack of being able to stick to one career for thirty years was in fact the product of a creative life and an acquisitive nature, seeking knowledge and experiences, rather than the feckless wanderings of an unfocussed soul.

I am interested in happy endings because I consider writing to be my entertainment and I have had too much grief and disappointment in my life to want it in my fiction too. My characters do have their angst and their tragedies but the ending is always good. I do not see the world through rose-tinted glasses, although I have nothing against either colour or flower, but I am fiercely protective of my characters and while I can put them through hell, I bring them out on the other side happier and better and stronger. I may be the writer but when my characters make their own decisions and take a walk on their own, I consider my work is done and my babies are ready to fly without me. Much like my flesh and blood sons, my characters often want to do things I haven’t anticipated. I love that when it happens. I like thinking on my feet, going with the flow and meeting a challenge. Makes life interesting. And if life isn’t interesting, then what the hell is it for?

I am passionate about LGBT rights and history. I write predominantly gay romance and erotica. Love it, love it, love it. I have all kinds of true friends, I am lucky to say, some really good mates among them who just happen to be gay and I love them all.   It’s a dynamic that fascinates me though, I love the interplay between two fellas, specially when one is not sure about who he is. A lot of my stories seem to focus in on that. Gods know what that says about my psyche but I really couldn’t care less. For me, love in any form always beats the dark.

I once responded to an L J challenge to describe my life in six words. I came up with “chaos wrapped up in a damaged psyche”. OK, OK, technically that is seven words but I wasn’t about to worry about ‘in’ or ‘a’, I was going for impact rather than worrying about the little things. Then I got to thinking that this is a good way to describe a writer’s life, observing that chaos and using it, drawing on the experience of damage to enliven your characters and flesh them out. After all, what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.

And as I reach the end of my profile piece, like all writers, I realise that I have definitely used more than a ‘few’ words to summarise who I am…shrugs I’m a writer, what do you expect?

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