Thought for the day

Do we need all these social networking sites?  Am trying to get to grips with it all.  The 21st century is when everything changes and I am sorry but I am really not ready…  Don’t get me wrong.  I can see the use of Twitter, now.  Once upon a time I really couldn’t get my head round it.  Facebook is OK but I take issue with some of it.   Live Journal is too technical for me but I can manage this blog so I am happy enough.

I have a love of the internet though.   I have never been more connected, even after the technical hitches, and I have a feeling those hitches are more due to my brain than anything to do with the internet.   I love the instantaneous ability to search, research and sift through all sorts of information.  Breathtaking photos, amazing stories, connecting to people all over the world who share your interests, news, world events, phenomenal creativity and potential.  What did we do without it all?

I am an almost pedantic advocate of the correct use of language though.  The written word for me is a wonderful thing and I like to see it used creatively and imaginatively and correctly.  I have nothing against change, but in the right way and for the right reasons.  I have a pet peeve concerning the incorrect use of apostrophes and the misuse of things like ‘affect’ and ‘effect’, ‘of’ and ‘have’.

I also hate text…sorry…txt speak.   I can appreciate a shorthand phonetic spelling for use on small spaces such as texts, but pleez, I iz sick of seein it everywhere…lol.

I love irony and sarcasm and wish I was a better exponent of both, but alas I am not as good at them as I would like.  I think that’s why I like watching House.

So, realising I have made a rod for my own back with this post, I shall now go use my spell checker and make sure I have no glaring errors of my own…

Party on, Dudes!

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