Blue Gillespie gig in Manchester, UK

For those of you who don’t know, Torchwood’s own Ianto Jones, otherwise known as actor Gareth David-Lloyd, fronts a band by the name Blue Gillespie.  Its listed as everything from progressive rock to blues rock.  Suffice to say, it is a unique sound.  Having only heard them on cd or recordings on You Tube, I wasn’t sure what to expect on hearing them live at Manchester’s Ruby Lounge.  Oh my God, what an amazing night.

They are definitely better live.  What a performance. The musicianship is fantastic and the guys in the band are great.  Rhys Bryant (base), Anthony Clark (guitar) and Nick Harrison (drums) are a talented backing to Gareth’s  expressive voice which is full of irony, dripping sarcasm and blunt, in-your-face challenge.  The lyrics  are thought-provoking.  They don’t take themselves completely seriously, there are no over-inflated egos here, no ‘artsy’ message.  But the message is clear.  Don’t tell us how to think or feel and don’t try to tell us what to believe.  I won’t go into too much detail.  This site is not rated for over 18s yet. However, the whole principle of the Gillespie of the band’s title is the angry alter-ego we all possess, and I quote from the site…

“The name of the band originates in the idea that all of us have an alter-ego manifesting itself in the most negative aspects of our personality i.e. arrogance, jealousy, hate, despair, self-loathing and rage. One way to purge our angry doppelgängers and keep them from surfacing in polite company is to indulge them through music.”

The music has a relentless beat, amazing base lines and “aggressive bluesy vocal lines”.  Oh boy, that is no understatement.

Gareth fronts and supports a lot of Welsh-based arts and performance events, most notably Sex, Wales and Anarchy.   He has just taken part in the Casimir Effect, an independent short film based in Wales.  See the links below.  Check the site out and Blue Gillespie’s own site too.  While it isn’t to everybody’s taste, the music is gutsy and gritty and visceral stuff.   If you like a beat that hammers down your spine, shakes your heart and cries out to something deep inside of you, check it out.

The Ruby Lounge was a great venue, small-ish, intimate and friendly, although fully packed it can take 400 people (I personally wouldn’t like to see that myself).  This was a nice turn out, a respectful crowd and an appreciative one too.  The guys in the band even wrote on their Twitter page when they were on their way home that they were returning from the ‘best gig ever’.  Thanks fellas, that was a sweet thing to say about the city that is my second home.

So thanks guys, it was a great night.  Hope you all got home safe and here’s to the next one.

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