Its okay to be LGBT

Gay, bi, lesbian, transgendered, whatever.  It’s okay to be that way.  Who am I to tell you?  Oh, nobody special.  I’m just an ordinary person, a mum of two boys, a 21st century girl who is sick to the back teeth of prejudice and hate, idiocy and small-minded refusal to accept something that is, oh look, normal!  Well, define normal.  People are individuals.  Suffice to say, being gay is not a choice, it’s a life path.  It’s not something you can decide to be or not as the fancy takes, to take up and put down at will.   We’ve already had too many lives ruined by people trying to impose their will upon others.  No more.  If you happen to read this, to stumble upon it, by chance, then please, take it to heart. It is all right to be gay, or bi, or lesbian, or transgendered, whatever state you are in.  Be happy.  Please, please be happy.  It’s not worth taking your life, or worrying about the future.  Grab it with both hands, relish it, while you can.  Lets make the future a safe place, a comfortable place, a place where everybody can be who they are meant to be, to find and achieve their potential.  There are links to the side for the Samaritans and Stonewall, the LGBT charity that deals with equality and rights.  You need help, call them.


  1. I know my darling one also means to say it’s okay to be het ! Nothing wrong if you weren’t blessed with the gay gene. We understand not everyone can be super sexy bi like me, or gorgeously tv or tg like some of my past loves.

    • You are right cariad, but a rant is a rant, and when I rant, I miss things. I should also have said its ok to be het, pan and poly too…love in any form always beats the dark.

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