Coming Soon!

Its nearly here!  My first book, my baby…. The release date is August 13th.  Click the picture to the left to go to Dreamspinner Press.  Oddly enough, 13 has never been unlucky for me.  Hells Bells, I was born on a Friday 13th for goodness sake, so no, its never been a problem.   Pity it wasn’t on the 11th, the date of my parent’s wedding anniversary.  However, my dad, god rest him, might have been surprised (to say the least) about the genre his daughter has gained success in.  I hope I don’t make a wrong assumption when I say I think he would have been proud of me, he was always proud of me.

Well, dad, the book I promised you I would get published isn’t this one, but I have kept my promise to get published with something!  It might have taken me ten years but it has always been  something of an in-joke that I might not get where I want to be quickly, but I get there eventually.

I do, however, await with something akin to fear as to whether it will be received well.  So far all the feedback has been good but I’m no fool.  It won’t please everybody.  Now where was that thick skin I was developing, its around here somewhere….

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