It has arrived!

Finally, it has arrived and has gone out into the world!  My first book.  My baby.  I am, I am pleased to say, getting good reviews for it too.  I even had a less than complementary review from someone, which I cannot even say I was disappointed about.  Apparently my historical research was okay.  At least the writer still gave me two whole stars on Amazon.  I found it interesting that it was a man who reviewed.  My female readers are more complementary, so it begs the question whether I am not getting it right for my male readers.  Hopefully I will improve as I go.  Writing is a skill and I want to continue learning and improving which is why I’ll never ignore constructive criticism.

I guess I think of it as being a big thing, putting myself on show to the whole world.  I could be the target for all and sundry to tear me apart.  So far as I am concerned I find it quite scary.  Sharing your thoughts with billions of others.  Who knows who I might meet.

I did manage it though.  I am a writer.  I will be ‘squee’ (I make no apologies for using that exclamation) about it for a while yet.  Proof of the pudding as a writer will be having my next story accepted but I am still a writer. I have wanted to be for so long, but at the end of the day, it was really only when I was finally published that I finally accepted the fact. I am a writer.

I finally managed to kill my computer the other day, which is a heinous act for a writer, although some might say I was putting it out of its misery.  At six years old, it was doing well, venerable in fact (thank you, Sony, for making such a good machine!) but it was getting a little bit past it.  The screen kept going dark, it had a small crack, some of the keys were less than well behaved, but I could forgive it these foibles. After all, we all get cranky with age.  I now have a brand new Toshiba, with intel core i5 and Windows 7. It may sounds like a football score but as long as it does what it says in the manual, I don’t mind what it sounds like.

I lament the passing of my old vaio though.  I wrote my first novel on it and so it will always occupy a special place in my heart.  It also impressed the hell out of my eldest son that I had the same computer as Lara Croft and James Bond.  Well, okay, not exactly the same computer but it had Vaio plastered across the cover and that was enough. I can, without a shadow of a doubt, now safely say that strawberry soda and computers do not mix!  While I doubt James Bond ever tipped a martini over his, at least the fate of the known world isn’t resting on me!  I’m in good company though.  Dr Who did tip tea over the TARDIS controls, but he didn’t have a novel to write and social networking sites to update.

So, armed with a new computer, a new novel is being worked on, a sequel to Per Ardua, as well as a completely new original m/m romance.  Watch this space. In the meantime, you might try to win yourself an e-book copy of Per Ardua by going in for the E-book Addicts scavenger hunt.  The scavenger hunt runs from September 19 through to October 3, 2010. Find the logo on my site and report back to their website and you could win yourself an e-book copy of Per Ardua or other e-book goodies.

Happy writing and, if you’ll take my advice, never drink and compute…

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