Suicides in gay teens

This is a link I want people to follow. Suicides in young gay teens are becoming too common, one is one too many. This website has been set up to combat bullying and to tell people who are being bullied not to despair, that life gets better and that they are not alone. IT GETS BETTER. It does.  Honestly. I have been there. I know. I was bullied, for being shy, for having parents who were teachers, for being a coward, for just being me.  I was never suicidal but then I figure either I have been lucky to never have been that desperate or I’m just not given to that way of thinking.  But bullying is wrong. Bullying someone because of their gender, their looks, their religion, their hair, anything, the bottom line is, it is wrong!

So let’s get the word out there. Let’s communicate. Open all hailing frequencies. Be Excellent to each other!  Let’s do our bit to help prevent another death, to prevent another despairing soul being driven to desperate measures because they feel that life is never going to get better.

If you read this website and comment, katiebabs will donate $1 per post, with the hope it reaches $500 (plus another generously donated $100) split evenly between two charities, The Trevor Project and the Matthew Shepherd Foundation, both dealing with enabling gay teens to find help and support in times of trouble.

please take time to comment in support.

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