BBC Children in Need ~ my husband’s contribution

It’s been like living with the Wild Man of Borneo for the last year. My husband decided he’d like to do something for charity earlier this year and since then he’s been growing his hair. He has nice hair, only a few greys for a 51 year old, but its long… I ended up plaiting it like he was an 18th century sailor!

Now, this effort might appear a small thing to some of you, but bear in mind he suffers depression and his motivation to belong to the real world is decidedly lacking (he’s not away with the fairies or anything, just challenged when it comes to self esteem and getting jobs done, or applying for a job even). This takes a different tone when you know he finds anything like this a hard thing to complete.

Originally, he decided it would be nice if we could sell his lovely long locks to raise money, but then we researched something we felt was better. Yes, there is a market for human hair, but we found a UK-based charity that makes wigs for kids who have suffered hair loss as a result of chemotherapy.  The Little Princess Trust takes donations of hair and has the wigs made. So, that is where my husband’s hair is headed, we well as sending the money raised through sponsorship to Children in Need too. He has been asking people to sponsor him per centimetre and it reached 41cm before he got it cut by our Barber friend Dave last week.  We don’t know how much we’ve got yet as we’ve done it through my sons’ schools who helped distribute the sponsor forms last week.  Hopefully, we’ll have something to announce soon. Meantime, I’m planning to put the photos up here sometime soon.

My husband’s hair is now really short, I couldn’t resist the urge to salute and asked if he ought to get a uniform (unfortunately he didn’t take me up on that, silly man…) so I think I’ll call him shaun… (Anyone who doesn’t get that reference is quite welcome to comment and ask…)

For anyone wanting to donate hair to Little Princess, there are conditions so best to check with the charity before you decide to do it. You need hair in good condition and at least 10 inches long. If you want to donate to Children in Need, then please visit their website.


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