My Birthday

It’s my birthday today. Looking back I find I have done such a lot since the last one. One book published, another accepted, two WIP novels on the way and three short stories started. I also have a major project lined up which is still on the drawing board, as it were. My ideas book is full too. Far too much to worry about where the next story is coming from. I have my idea for a prequel and another two sequels to my original novel. Goodness knows if they’ll ever see the light of day but at least they are there, lurking, ready for me to take them up and run with them.

I never knew I shared my birthday with, among others, Richard Trevithick, one of the fathers of steam locomotion; Howard Keel, the singer and actor; British novelist John Braine; English actors, Edward Fox and ex-Dr Who, Peter Davison; Irish writer, Seamus Heaney; American actor, Ron Pearlman. You never know, one day I may be as famous, who can tell?


  1. Hope you had a happy birthday Jessie! Can’t wait for your next book to be published so I can buy it!

    • Its the sequel to Per Ardua, and at the moment is set to be called Life Begins at Forty. It is set five years in the future and follows the epilogue to Per Ardua, with preparations for Jack’s 40th Birthday. As yet, no date for its release, not even got the edit back, but I will post here and tweet it too.

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