Elizabeth Sladen dies at 63

Tonight I have to say I am quite saddened by the loss of Elizabeth Sladen, otherwise known for her role as Sarah Jane Smith, companion to more than one Doctor Who and star of the Sarah Jane Adventures on the BBC. She was only 63 and still acting, but fighting cancer.

My dad died twelve years ago this year from a rather aggressive form of cancer and this inevitably brought back unwanted memories but triggered sadness that one of my favourite women and a role model from my youth has passed. On screen, Sarah Jane Smith was feisty, caring, warm, adventurous, brave, everything I wanted to be. She made a comeback too, in her own show. It happened almost at the same time as my feelings of making a comeback, of managing to get published and finally making it as a writer. Sarah Jane proved she still had a lot going for her in her later life, she was still sexy and caring and adventurous and brave and still, as Jack said in Stolen Earth, ‘Lookin’ good, ma’am’.

Goddess rest you, Liz, and I hope you know how much you will be missed and how much you have been admired and even loved by your fans. If I am ever half as loved and lauded, I’ll be much more than happy.

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