Mr Spooner Speaks

I saw this link and wanted to post it. This man is standing up for equality, equal access for everyone, no matter who you are. In my opinion, he truly is a hero, a veteran of WW2 and if anyone has earned the right to speak, he has.


  1. If a Veteran from World War II understands everyone is created equal why can’t the rest of the people and our government reps get it?

    Kudos to a brave man who stills stands up for the rights of others – bravo!

    • Wish I knew, but it’s what this guy fought for. Trouble is, people who weren’t there have no idea. It isn’t real to them. I was immensely moved by what he said, even though I’m of the generation born after the war, a child of the sixties. I just hope folks listen. Personally I am going to borrow the words of one mum who spoke out recently and say “I may be making a mistake, but if I am, I’ll boldly make it on the side of love.”

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