My Sequel is Accepted

Well, one book may be lucky, but two is getting there. Admittedly this new one is a novella, shorter than my first but hopefully it will give you a good read never-the-less. It will only be out in e-book form but it may encourage new readers.

Life Begins at Forty (at least that is it’s title so far) is set five years into the future for Jack and Ifan as they face a threat that might break them apart in the brave new world of 1950. A new decade looms but old fears are not so easily forgotten.  When Jack lets those fears get to him he finds out who his true friends are.

I am still writing for Redemption Reef, our on-line free-read gay soap and things are hotting up. After a short holiday (our writers were busy with real life as all have new books pending) we have returned to it, and a new episode is up.

For those of you who want a summary this should get you going but contains spoilers for everything before it. Heed the warning if you are new to our tale.

Will keep you posted as to the release date for Life Begins.


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