Life Begins at Forty

Well, apparently my sequel is in the “editing queue” and I have submitted my ideas for art work. Am awaiting the results. I anticipate a September release for this one, but will update as things become clearer. It is a novella, not a novel, so it will be released on ebook format only.

I am also still working on my new novel but have hit the inevitable writer’s block and am struggling to get through it. Major continuity error in the first draft… Where would I be without my lovely betas?

If you are trying to write, get yourself a beta (for people new to the term, this is a helpful reader who can give you an honest opinion of your work, not to mention constructive criticism). If you can get two or three betas then you can balance them against each other and get a broader opinion of your work. This is a good learning curve because it will give you insights into your work and also valuable feedback before submitting/editing. If you can get a beta who is also able to edit, all to the good. However, do not necessarily accept everything they say. Take things on board and be ready to defend your reasons why you did something, but listen to their comments and don’t ignore a consensus of opinion.

So, watch this space. I will update when I know more and the link to the book will go up here alongside my other novel, the prequel.

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