Sad News

Today I found out my Reiki Master, a lovely lady called Sue, died of cancer in July. She survived her husband only by three months. The sad part is, she obviously didn’t want anyone to know. I found out by accident, because someone we both knew works at a place I volunteer in and she had found out the news.

I think Sue simply wanted everyone to remember her as she was. I can think of no other reason why she would block us out. But having lost my father to cancer 13 years ago, I can understand why she would want to. I have to hope she made her peace with her Gods and found peace where ever she has gone. She was a great believer in healing and crystals and alternative therapies.

In the end though she was also a great believer in life’s journey and the journey of the soul. I doubt her journey has ended simply because her body is now dust. She was too forceful, too positive and too fearless to simply stop. I hope her spirit is journeying even now and finding new adventures and new loves, old ones too.

Love to you, Sue. Thank you for your wisdom and teachings. Thank you too for your time and energy and friendship. May the Goddess hold you in her hands and carry your soul onward to whatever awaits.

Blessed be.