About Haven Falls


Following the demise of Haven Falls (we gather it is carrying on but without most of its original authors), a few of us who contributed to it are starting our own follow-on, Redemption Reef. Most of our adventures at Haven Falls will be available as a download so you can reacquaint yourself with our characters and read up on what we did if you are new to it all.  So come along and see what happens next…


The Haven Falls site is closing down.  Its host and fellow writer has run into real life problems and cannot devote the time to it. He has taken the unfortunate decision to close the site.  However, a few of us are thinking of keeping it going. Watch this space for updates.

PLEASE NOTE: After 200 blog stories, many in the 3000+ word mark, Haven Falls, the free online soap created by Remmy Duchene is having a short break. The twelve authors involved (including yours truly) would love feedback from readers via the latest blog post.  We’ll be returning after 17th December, 2010. Thanks for reading.

So, you want to know what Haven Falls is all about. Please watch the video below and enjoy.  Then look for my link to the page lower down on the right.  Please be warned though.  This concerns male/male romance and erotica so if you class as a minor where you come from, if it goes against the tenets of your religion or you find it offensive, you have been warned.  Please do not view.

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  1. I love Haven Falls. Your character, Carter ‘Gil’ Gillespie, amuses me. He makes me smile because your personal brand of humour and wry outlook on life comes across through him. My own Haven Falls darling, Lyle Tate, is trying really hard not to fall for Gil!

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