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My Second story is out. Life Begins at Forty is the sequel to Per Ardua (below) and follows on six years after the first story left off. It is a novella, so it’s only out in e-book but I have plans to write another in the series and try for publication together so I get another paperback out of it.  We’ll see if my publisher goes for it.

Right now, I have shelved Written Into His Heart for another story which has taken hold. ‘Written’ has given me a few problems and I am taking a break so I can return to it with a clear head in the New Year. The working title for the new one is Fairytale of New York, and concerns a self made millionaire and a young ‘vagrant’ he takes in. As the reasons why he does so unfold, things are definitely not always what they seem and the people around him find out there is more to the man they know than they thought. We’ll see how this one progresses.

In the meantime, thank you for your continued support and for following what I do. Without you, my readers, I wouldn’t be writing.

Happy New Year, Folks.


I only have the one book out at the moment, my first novel, Per Ardua. An m/m (male/male) pairing, it concerns the relationship between an WWII RAF Captain and his cousin’s butler who volunteers to become his carer after the Captain’s plane lands badly, leaving him paralysed and wheelchair-bound. The relationship the two men develop is far from easy but will love win out in the homophobic forties? See the video heading for the video advert for the book.

I am working on three more novels – a sequel to the above, hopefully out later this year; a new novel (see below) and a co-authored sci-fi fantasy romance.  This is in its infancy but I hope the first instalment will see the light of day sometime this summer.

Written Into His Heart should be out soon (watch this space as they say). It is a romance between a paramedic, Gareth Aubrey, and a successful writer, Zachary Bowness-Middleton.  After losing his partner to cancer, Zach scatters Ian’s ashes in the seaside town they honeymooned in and had planned to retire to. Cue Jack, a small dog with an attitude who meets Zachary in the act of trying to bring himself to scatter the ashes into the ocean. The little Jack Russel terrier belongs to paramedic Gareth Aubrey, a quiet and practical man who invites Zach back home in order to rescue him. From then on, the two men have different reasons for resisting the attraction they both feel, but will they jump in with both feet and regret it later, or will they eventually decide to make a go of their on-off relationship?

So this is my current work.  I am also contributing to the on-line gay soap opera Redemption Reef, a collaborative free read. This is a bit of fun and a free read for our readers but we hope to raise some money for disaster relief through it too.  If you read, please think about contributing to one of our suggested charities to say thank you.


  1. I’ve almost finished Per Adua. Damn, girl, good job. You’ve got it goin on. It’s so seldom I find an author new to me who writes m/m fiction and writes really well. I can’t wait for more. You’ve written some fanfiction, too; is that you? I’ll look for it. Thanks.

  2. Hi Candice, I notice (humble as ever) Jessie forgot to tell you where to find Redemption Reef. I am a co-writer of the series and less backwards in coming forwards, so you can find it here:

    Click the end tag on the right for the stories.

    • I have a whole page devoted to it here, including the video… But Katisha is right, you can find it by following the link, and it is all original fiction, a free read, so please enjoy.

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