Unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial

Bomber Command is close to my heart. You only need to read my books or read my blog to understand that. Finally there is to be a memorial to all those brave lads who lost their lives flying on missions to bomb our adversaries during WW2. However, even now, flack (pun definitely intended) seems to follow Bomber Command and its controversial missions. Even Churchill virtually turned his back on them, choosing to distance himself. Sorry, mate, you gave the orders. The buck stops here, as they say.

The BBC is not covering the event ‘live’. Unusual. This is exactly the sort of thing they cannot get enough of as a rule. The event is also suffering what sounds like bad organisation.


Why on earth were veterans missed off the invitations list? It would make sense to me to invite ALL of them. They deserve it after all. But no, something has gone wrong there, with many missing out because they didn’t access a website nobody told them about? Something is definitely off with this one.

The Batte of Britain Memorial Flight is set to fly over and release hundreds of poppy petals. I can only hope this goes according to plan as the idea is perfect.

I was happy to donate some of my royalties from Per Ardua to the Bomber Command Memorial. It gave me great pleasure to do so. The center piece, a nine foot high group of figures, a seven-man crew from a Lancaster, is impressive and, in my opinion, perfectly captured. I can only hope that the mistakes made with the organisation of the opening doesn’t mar what promises to be an otherwise great event.

Lest we forget.