Into This World We’re Thrown

I have recently finished reading Mark Kendrick’s second book concerning teen couple Scott and Ryan “Into This World We’re Thrown”. While I am not normally a fan of gay teen stories (I prefer my guys a bit older) I was never-the-less impressed by the writing style enough to read both books in the series. Beginning with Desert Sons, Mark weaves a story of teen angst and passions between two boys with markedly different backgrounds and characters. Somehow they fit each other well, they have their highs and lows, their threats and reveals and obstacles to overcome. The sequel ties a lot of loose ends up and (without revealing too much) manages a successful conclusion. Am not saying if this was a happy end or not, you’ll have to read it yourselves. However, these books were published a decade ago, in 2001 and 02 respectively. Reading the sequel, I could not but notice the opportunity that Kendrick had taken to show up the high instance of gay teens who were committing suicide even then. In light of recent movements, it seems that this world has taken far too long to wake up to this, a whole decade in fact. God only knows how many we have lost in those years. Now the “It Gets Better” and Trevor Projects are doing their bit to stop this. Lets make sure we don’t fail our young people again. Support both these projects by letting as many people know about them as you can. That’s what the internet should be for – networking, spreading the word – so let’s use it that way. I offer my respect and thanks to Mr Kendrick for including this theme in his work. The more of us who do, the better.